On Hyperverses

IN WHICH is set forth the Purpose of the Endeavor.

Hyperverses is a place to explore the meeting of technology and literature. It has a heavy focus on hypermedia, hypertext, and electronic literature.

This site is also a playground for me to develop hypermedia practices. Pages may bump their shins against browser changes. Links that you click on may not do what you expect. If you feel ill at ease about a part of this site, contact the webmaster at webmaster@hypervers.es, who will explain why things broke down, and possibly fix them.

Why Build Hyperverses?

Two things brought these topics onto my radar. First, I came across an article that muses on what prevented hypertext from ushering in a new era of literature. Then I discovered Steve Klabnik's Hypermedia API Reading List. Which led me down enough search trails that at some point I realized I'd developed a minor obsession. And how better to celebrate such an obsession than by blathering about it on the internet?

I've been keeping up with hypermedia developments via a twitter account specifically for this project: @hyperverses. Many retweets and a few original tweets can be found there.