Hyperverses Weekly

A Weekly Email containing some Links.

When I started Hyperverses, I imagined it solely as a traditional website. I have not written for it as much as I originally intended. But in that whole time, I've kept reading and reading on hypermedia, web technology, and digital humanities. My primary venue for learning and sharing has been the @hyperverses twitter account.

It's easy to miss things on twitter. While there's a lot of good stuff on @hyperverses, I know that sometimes I simply tweet too darn much. I figured there should be another way to share the best stuff, to get the cream without the skim.

To that end I'm starting Hyperverses Weekly, an email newsletter.

What's In It For Me If I Subscribe?

Once a week, I will email you 4-5 links on the following topics:

In short, pretty much anything that is interesting and relevant to humans interacting with computers and each other.

I will also be able to go into a bit more length on why I find that particular link compelling. (Not a lot though! Just a paragraph or so.)

What Will You Do With My Email Address?

Email you once a week with 4-5 links. That's it.

One of the links may turn out to be something I've made or written. But I will not sell your address to third parties. I will not start emailing you more frequently than once a week.

The mailing itself will be handled by MailChimp, a reputable provider of mailing lists. They will punish me if I misbehave.

Sounds Good, Where Do I Sign Up?

Click Here to sign up for Hyperverses Weekly.

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Follow @hyperverses. Highly recommended for digital humanities, design, hypermedia, and all sorts of damned interesting things. #FF

— Daniel Rehn ✖ (@daniel_rehn) December 8, 2013

@hyperverses Your Twitter feed is high-grade, legit Internet treasure. Thank you. ¤

— Daniel Rehn ✖ (@daniel_rehn) December 8, 2013